Tuesday, August 01, 2006

ス [su] ト [to] レ [re] ス [su]

Japanese has many loan words from foreign languages. It is fun to sound them out phonetically to figure them out. Su TO Re Su... Yup stress. Right now the final hours of my stay with my family are ticking down. We are making the most of it, spending a lot of quality time together. There is a lot of stress though, since I have learned that I am a terrible shopper and packer. I have already unpacked and repacked 5 times... I'm trying to get the puzzle pieces of weight and size just right. At least my family’s humor helps me not go semi-insane. I am trying to pack everything... I bought too much. I never have been a shopper, and have always hated spending money. Well, Japan triggered something different in my head. The land that is a "shopper’s paradise" really made me follow suit. The nice thing about the past few nights is there have been many visitors stopping by just to say a last goodbye. It is very nice and very fun to sit and chat with everyone. The joke with my family is that I am Un ga Waruii... living bad luck. My hand, luggage, and other embarrassing moments have all earned my prized title. We have been using an internet translater sometimes when language difficulty gets in the way. Pretty much our translations have all come down to the simple phrase "life’s lessons". Simplicity is nice. The past few nights have been simple, which I have enjoyed, since it is the best way to keep building all of these great relationships that have been created. The pics are of my host sisters and Ojichan. This past summer I observed that my family would ocasionally buy Ojichan some wagashi (Japanese sweets) as an unexpected present. I did the same sometimes and would surprise Ojichan with some mochi or something, and enjoy some time with him in the R shop. Our conversations never got too detailed due to our language/dialect barriers, but the times were always nice. The next is Erika, Honami, and me, when Honami and her mother came for a last visit. Later that day Toshi and his family came by to visit. Toshi is a unique example of a great international relationship. Of all of my classmates, Toshi probably had some of the most limited English skills, however, we sat close to each other, and he is now one of my closest friends from this past summer.  I Just re-read this post, and realized how unorganized it is. I guess that sums up how the past few hours of packing up have felt like.

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