Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Chef Yurina

Early on in my blog I introduced the fact that Yurina studies cooking, and has participated in a few big contests also. She is very shy and extremely modest about her accomplishments, but in the past she has won honors in two contests. One in a junior ramen contest, and another in a junior pastry contest in Tokyo. Throughout the summer she was very timid to make me her award winning dishes. As a matter of fact, it was my host mom who told me everything about the contests. Well today was a surprise for me. Yurina offered to make me her award winning Ramen noodle soup. I thought it was very cool, and watched her prepare everything. Her ramen is a vegetarian broth. It has a base of shoyu and oyster sauce, as well as toppings of green onions, tempura, and seaweed. The soup was very delicious. After we ate it she even showed me the video of her competition. It looked like it was a lot of fun. As a matter of fact Yurina wants to eventually study cuisine in France. Her aunt lives there (my host mom’s sister), so my host family has a high interest in France on a personal level. Along with this interest, Japanese and French cuisines often share traits off of each other. Aside from that, French style bakeries here are almost always attached to Japanese wagashi shops it seems!

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Anonymous said...

Christopher!!!!!!! My countdown says 1 day, 30 mins, 12 seconds till your home approx. You're going to be making some japanesse food for me when you get home arent you lol....after reading about it all the time...i need to know what it tastes like. Miss ya buddy.

Ashley Roro