Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Umi no Hi

Monday was a national holiday in Japan : Umi no Hi, which literally means day of the sea. On this holiday, people in Japan simply take the day off to enjoy the ocean. I feel that it is very appropriate since Japanese people are so close to lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and of course, the Pacific ocean. Early on monday morning, my host father, Erika, and I got up to head out to the city of Karatsu (Yurina had A.M. band class, and my host mother had errands. We were going to meet up with them later.) We first picked up Erika's friend, Sora, and we were on our way. Karatsu is the closest city to the ocean (about 50 minutes away). Actually, as a matter of fact, it is where my host father works. I was very fortunate that my host family packed so many activities into this holiday. The next posts are of everything that we did! These pictures are of the rural community side of Karatsu.

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Gustavo said...

Very cool scenery. Much more biutiful then the sequias here in California