Sunday, July 02, 2006


Later that night, Otosan wanted to rent a movie. We went to the rental shop which was nearby, called Tsutaya. It was HUGE! 2 floors. The first floor accommodated entertainment merchandise: books, magazines, movies, games, and music. There were advertising posters EVERYWHERE! Even the stairs had advertisements plastered on them! The upstairs housed the rental place. The upstairs was about the size of a regular Blockbuster, but was extra packed with movies. Take a Blockbuster full of American movies, and then a Blockbuster full of Japanese movies, and cram them all into the space of one Blockbuster. That was the upstairs of Tsutaya, so many movies! There was also a section of rental music! I thought this was great. The CDs had labels stating that they didn't work on PCs, so I guess they are pirate-proof. I thought this was a smart idea. The pics are of the outside of Tsutaya, and Erika checking out the music rental section.

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