Monday, July 03, 2006

The SUPER store!

While Yurina was at Juku, Okasan, Erika and I went shopping. Many posts ago I introduced you to the jumbo supermarket/department store. Well, we went there again! This time I was able to get a better understanding of everything inside. The place is huge - 3 levels! The first level is all groceries and foods. There is everything from your basic everyday needs to very fancy booths selling expensive cakes and wagashi. I was amazed that the groceries are displayed so nicely. Common things such as eggs and packaged obento boxes are all neatly organized into pyramids on their own freestanding refrigerator sections. I got to see many neat products from common U.S. brands that are different. For instance, Coke has different flavors like citrus coke, and Lipton tea has a sparkling lemon ice tea beverage! Another thing that was cool was foods such as candy and ice cream sometimes had big advertising TVs and posters right next to the products with their commercials running! I could have spent a whole day on this floor exploring, but we moved on quickly. We were going to a different part of the complex for Erika to pick out her birthday gift (which is tomorrow, the 4th!). The second floor is all clothes and makeup. There is so much stuff! It is interesting that everywhere signs say Bargain! or SALE! yet the prices are still very high! 30 dollar SALE rack tshirts and 50-60 dollar purses and backpacks! The makeup booths seemed never ending. This floor also had a food court and a huge arcade! The arcade had tons of crane-games, other games, and, of course... Purikura! The 3rd floor had more department store products with toys, some electronics and more clothes and makeup! Wow! We moved farther into the store, and this is when I discovered the new section. This super store actually had an attached mall. I call it a mall because it was a large walkway with many small shops on both sides, on all three floors. This attatchment to the Aeon-Jusco store is the Yamato. It wasn't huge like an American size mall, but think of it as part of a mall attatched to this jumbo department store. It had many many stores ranging from clothes, collectibles, girly trinkets, stationary, more clothes, and just a few more clothes shops! On this part of the store there was yet another food court and a McDonalds! Big! I got to see so much stuff. Erika ended up picking out a nice blue and black backpack. After this, we went downstairs to grab some groceries for dinner. We also grabbed some juices for a drink. It was so hard to choose! I ended up picking 100% kiwi juice, which I have never seen in America. It was a good choice! I feel like I left out so much here, even though this post is so long. The bottom line is: If you ever go to Japan, go shopping! (Especially at the super department stores.) This country truly lives up to its name as a shopper's paradise. There is everything, and then some. Super expensive and fancy goods, to everyday products and great deals. The picture doesn't do it justice, but shows the one side of the super department store, and the other is some traditional summer yukata robes displayed amongst the craziness of all of the products available in the store.


Babcia said...

Hi Krzysiu,

I'm sitting here by the computer listening to your mom read about your life in Japan every day. I'm really happy everything goes smooth for you just like you're writing. I'm happy you have a nice family there, but don't forget this family that you got here.

Love you always,

Maria Komasara said...

Hey Chris,
So I am reading all of your entries and wondering what you are going to bring back for all of your American families? I would like to try some of that cooling spray and maybe a fruit parfait kit kat bar!! Have fun and stay out of the rain!! Did you really enjoy working on the farm? Anyway Happy 4th of July!!! Love ya The Komasara's!!!

Ashley Ro said...
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Ashley Ro said...

Christopher... I was brought to tears with the gift you sent me for my birthday. I got it in the mail today. I can't believe you remembered my birthday with all your fun in Japan. I miss you so much buddy. Thanks again SOOOOOOOO much for my gift. I am going to keep the letter forever so that when we get really old...over the hill if you will...we will be able to read it and i can tell you how much it meant to me. Thanks again. Its the best gift i could have asked for my sweet 16. I'm really sad you cant be here with me for my birthday like you do every year but when you get back we will make up for it.

And on a quick sad note...our place closed down...Cafe Monata. Its now owned by a company called Coffee Net so we can still go there anyways. Later Chris. Miss ya. Thanks again