Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Somen Shopping

This morning I went out to run a few errands with my host mom. We drove to an older part of Saga with many old, traditional style buildings. The roads were inclined and VERY narrow due to it being somewhat in the mountains. It was very neat. We went this way to go to a somen shop (somen is a style of noodle in Japan) to pick up a few packages of good quality noodles for Okasan's cooking classes. For all of the old buildings, the somen shop was very new and modernized in a traditional Japanese architecture. After we purchased the somen, we went down the street and turned into a parking lot next to a small park. I wasn't quite sure what was going on, but it was a good thing that I brought my camera with me. We only walked for a few seconds into the woods when we came across a small bridge, and then a beautiful waterfall! It was so cool to see the old houses and shops along the rough river with this cool waterfall. I am so glad Okasan took me there! The pictures are of a watermill down this narrow street, the river with the houses and the mountains behind it, and the waterfall!
I also have some movies! (...but they are blurry due to YouTube downloading)

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