Sunday, July 16, 2006


These pictures are so wierd they need a post of their own.

It is somewhat well known that Japanese fashion can get rather crazy. Many T-shirts are often printed with wild pictures, and English that makes no sense. This shirt my host sister wore one day is a prime example.

The other picture is... well... I just dont't know! Japan has a uniquness to make many things cute and smiley... it is actually a culture of its own (kawaii or "cute"... but that will be another post!) Many products have a little cute character that advertises it. Another thing about kawaii things are that many inanimate objects are turned into characters with faces and expressions... such as fruits, veggies, food, nature things, tvs... etc. Look at the picture I have attached... smiling, rainbow... haha. Actually, this character is quite popular with girls. I found these stickers at a girls' stationary shop while shopping for Erika's birthday present a few weeks ago at the Super Supermarket!

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