Monday, July 03, 2006

R shop.

R shop is Ojichan's small convenience store connected to the front of the house. It is small and sells very basic products such as drinks, candy, some packaged food, batteries, toiletries, and cigarettes. I think it is cool though. I still can't believe I live in a house with a convenience store! Ojichan is doing better. I think he may have been a little tired the first week I was here. The second week he has been more alert and talkative. I am happy about that. Something real interesting that I learned about Ojichan is that he speaks a different dialect of Japanese. He speaks Sagaben, which is a version of Japanese native to this area. Certain areas of Japan have different dialects. I have studied Tokyo Japanese in America. It is the main version of Japanese in Japan. The teenage generation here in Saga only speak and study Tokyo Japanese. Sagaben is disappearing according to my host parents. The good thing for me is that I am able to communicate with everyone because Tokyo Japanese is so widespread. I have two short videos of R shop attached. , The first is the outside of my house, the second is inside the convenience store. The second video is funny because it was a total accident. The Kai's aunt was visiting, and we were taking a few pictures inside R shop with Ojichan. I accidentally left the movie function on, and the rest just shows translation/mechanical difficulties, haha. It was supposed to be a picture of me and Ojichan, but I really like the movie better. It was a mistake that turned into a success. We are right next to the cash register. Unfortunately, Youtube is distorting all of my videos and making them very blurry. If I can find a way to fix it, I will repost the video!
The pictures are of me and Ojichan by the cash register. I really like this pic! The second is the other half of R shop. Uh-oh... Mission Impossible: Tom Cruise is peeping in on the left, haha! Actually, that is the entrance to the house from the store!

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