Tuesday, July 04, 2006

PIZZA time!

Later that night, we started making dinner. I helped Okasan, and Yurina joined in later. We were making one of Erika's favorites : pizza. Although it had some similarities to what we know, there were many differences in our creations. Our pizza had no edge crust... sauce all the way around. The dough is very thin, but the pizza is just as thick as a deep dish with all of the toppings added! We made three small pizzas. One with bacon, one with shrimp, and one with grilled chicken. The rest of the ingredients got interesting. They had onions, which is normal, but LOTS of onions, covering all the sauce! There were peppers, some cheese mix ( not quite mozzarella... all the bag said was "Australian Blend"... I have never heard of it before), basil leaves, seaweed strips, shiso ( a Japanese vegetable), and on the grilled chicken pizza... mayonnaise! They were definitely unique Japanese style pizzas! I had a great time! On subject of pizza, Japan is different than the U.S. (and it isn't just toppings I am talking about). In the U.S., pizza serves as a quick, inexpensive dinner for the most part, but in Japan it is almost the opposite. It is a special occasion in itself. Your average medium could cost more than 30 dollars! I was looking at advertisements in the newspaper and seen how expensive it is! And the topings range from eggs, mayonnaise, corn, squid, potatoes, bean sprouts and other unique things!

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