Friday, July 28, 2006

Only in Japan

While walking the streets of the festival, one of the vendors at a snack booth was dressed as a pikachu! Some people really get into their summer festivals, and this guy wanted to add something extra to his booth. Well, it caught my attention. The funny thing is, people look at me the same way I probably looked like seeing this pikachu man, since I am a gaijin. When the guy saw me taking a picture, he laughed, and stood up to take one with me! After that some girls wearing their summer yukata were giggling at me... next thing you know I am taking pictures with them too. Being a gaijin has it benefits, haha! These pictures are just an example of some of the crazy stuff you see in Japan, but also it shows the funny situations I get into because I am a foreigner. You know I love the attention.


Anonymous said...

so you got ur hand hurt, i did too! i was in a moped accident in germany so i got to expirence the german hospital and german police when they asked me to file a report in GERMAN. haha. mannn that's cool. :) do you miss american food?

ps. its veronica L. again haha

Anonymous said...

so i need to know the exact day you come home so i can make my chris crachiola countdown on my myspace...let me know. Love ya buddy.

AShley Ro

Louise said...

lol me and my sister were reading your blog and she literally FLIPPED when she saw the guy dressed up as Pikachu! haha.. somethings never change..
i cant believe your coming home in less than a week!!
you can imagine how excited all of us are :]
see you soon!