Thursday, July 27, 2006

One Crazy Night

Some more pics of me sporting my pj's and sweats, oh yeah, and my new bandages, along with the great medical staff that helped me at the hospital.


Anonymous said...

u crazyyy!!!!!!!
i hope it doesn't leave any scars... lol
well, note to the future, never bike in straight alleys... lol
enjoy ur last few days chris!

The Mero family said...

Good Job Chris--only you would have thought to bring your camera to the hospital when you are bleeding to death!! (we wouldn't want you to miss a photo op!)

Just kidding--hurry home, we all miss you lots!!

Love, the Mero's

Anonymous said...

CHRISTOPHER!!!!! What am i going to do with you lol. I was so scared reading this and you looked perfectly calm lol. I really hope you get better soon. I miss you like crazy....I got my license so we will be driving all the time.

Love ya lots....ashley ro

Ashley Ro said...

Hi Chris,
This is nonna. I was sad to see that you had to go to the hospital for stitches. Hurry and get better.I miss you and cant wait till you get home and no more bike accidents!!
Love Always