Monday, July 03, 2006

Moulin Rouge

After field work, Okasan took Yurina and me to the bakery, Moulin Rouge, to pick up some baked goods and sandwiches for lunch. I think Japan has a fascination with European style restaurants and bakeries. At the airports and here in Saga, I have noticed quite a few small diners and bakeries decorated and built in a very traditional European style. Well, Moulin Rouge was a cute French style bakery connected to Sagra : Italian Kitchen... a prime example. It is really close to our house (like half a mile... or is that a kilometer? The metric stuff is killing me, haha!). The stuff inside looked so good. All of the pastries were almost too perfect looking to eat, much like the desserts I had seen at the airport when I first arrived in Japan. There were breads, muffins, cakes, buns, donuts, sandwiches, and pizza-like flatbreads. You have to realize I was in heaven. We grabbed a tray with a pair of tongs and picked out lunch for the family. One of the unique things that we grabbed was butter mochi, which is a bun cooked in a small pie dish with mochi inside. I really liked it. The outside was swirled with cinnimon. The other was Melon Pan (that is pan as in pOn... tall A... not a frying paaaan. It is a joke in Japanese class, haha. Pan is bread in Japanese.) The melon pan was a big bun slightly sweetend with a glazed top. Mmmm! No melon flavor though. Other things we got were pretty standard, yet delicious: mini sandwich obentos with egg salad, vegetables, and breaded chicken sandwiches. Another unique bun that we got, which happens to be one of Okasan's favorites, is the "Akachan no Oshiri" literally baby's bottom. It was a perfect white, round bun with a crease for the butt, haha. Thats not all! There is a surprise waiting for you... delicious CHOCOLATE cream inside... Literally baby's bottom, haha! We took the pastries home and had a nice lunch with everyone sampling all of the tasty bakery goods just purchased.

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gustavo said...

Cool, pan in spanish also means bread.