Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More Yoshinogari Park Pics

Here are some movies of the historical park! (Sorry, they are blurry due to YouTube's downloading, but still cool.) Two are views from atop the watchtowers and one is inside a historic Yayoi hut.

The pics are the village viewed from a watchtower, a different watchtower, and another village distantly viewed past the gates. It was awesome!


Hanna said...

Hi Chris!!

I've been reading your blog everyday!! haha..I'm addicted!! It looks like you're having a great time!!! I hope everything keeps going well!! Oh and I also sent you an email--just in case you wanted to know!! haha I'll talk to you later!!

And thank you SOOOOO much for the postcard!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

It's Ciocia Ann. We wanted to let you know we got your post cards and Asia got you birthday presents in the mail.

Thanks so much for both!!! Asia is going crazy because she cant read one word thats on that cute little note pad you sent her. So she is refusing for any of us to touch it until you get home because all she keeps saying is "Chris is going to help me read this before anyone is allowed to touch it!" And she ran off and hid it from all of us! LOL...Oh well. We got to wait I guess. Well got to run again...

Talk to you soon honey. Stay safe and God bless!

The whole Partynski Clan!