Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Karatsu Festival Floats

Every November in Karatsu, there is a huge parade for 3 days running through the city. In this parade, there are 14 different creatures, including fish, dragons, birds, and beasts, turned into massive man-moved floats that weigh over 5 tons. There are also lots of traditional Japanese drums and flute playing during the festival. The first thing that we did with my host mom was go to the Karatsu Festival Museum, where the annual massive floats are stored for the rest of the year. The pictures really don't serve them justice. They are truly majestic works of art. We watched a movie about the parade and also looked at many historical parade artifacts. As a matter of fact, one of the first pictures I recieved of my host mother in the initial E-mails is of her at this Karatsu festival with some floats in the background. After the museum, we visited a traditional Saga pottery store next door to view all of the neat, very expensive, clay masterpieces, and then to a UniQlo next door to check out some clothes. It was a very fun afternoon. The pics are of the Red Herring fish float (possibly the most famous), a sea dragon and a sky dragon float, and then some nice pottery at the culture shop.

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Louise said...

ahh christopherrr!! we talked to you this morning [sorta] but it was more like we heard you and you heard mine and asia's "squeaks."lol

this is the festival on the post card you sent me. ive been wondering what it was. well it sounds like you had an "AM-AZN" time as always! cant wait til you come back!