Tuesday, July 18, 2006


After the visit to the second mountain, my host dad had to stop at work for a few hours. He dropped Erika, Sora and me off at the Karatsu Jusco to hang out at and wait for my host mom. The Jusco was similar to the one in Saga, with 3 floors (supermarket, department store, mall), just not AS massive. There we got to spend almost 2 hours walking around shops and relaxing. We also grabbed lunch at a small chain restaurant called Mister Donuts, which sells noodle bowls, and guess what... lots of donuts. It was a fun time, and we later met up with Okasan and Yurina. The pics on this post were taken in Karatsu, but pertain more to a previous post; they just couldn't all fit earlier. The first are of the many boats in the harbor, the second is a small shop air drying their freshly caught squid on a fast spining contraption, and the last one is a unique Japanese forest with gnarled trees.

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