Monday, July 03, 2006


Juku is not a very fun word here in Japan. It is cram school. It is extra classes at another building that families send their kids to to get more indepth education on certain subjects. Right now, Yurina is attending a Juku class for English. I got the chance to go with her and see the classroom before the class started. The building was big, and it had many small classrooms. Yurina's class was tiny and had few desks. Students attend Juku more often when they get closer to big entrance exam times. There are entrance exams to get into high schools in Japan! When Erika was preparing for high school, she attended Juku for English, Math, Japanese, Social Studies, and Science! Education is very competitive to get into a good school in Japan, which is why Juku is so popular. Yurina attends English Juku once a week for an extra 2 hour class after school. The pics are of Yurina and her Juku friends, and the teacher helping a student.

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