Sunday, July 02, 2006


It is Friday. It had been a long week for everyone, Okasan worked today, and it is pouring! No one really felt like doing much, so it was the perfect night to go out for dinner. This would be my first time eating out here in Japan (aside from the desert at Ufufu), so I was very excited. We ended up going to a restaurant close to home, Joyfull. It is a famiresu (Yes you read right... remember how Japanese people like to smash English words together... Family Restaurant. You actually all know of a famous case of this English-Smashing trend... Pokemon ring a bell? Pocket Monsters). It was decorated just like an American style family diner, except the menu was all Japanese food. I found this interesting. There were some differences. There is no need to go the restroom to wash your hands. There is a sink with soap and everything right in the entrance to use before you sit down! Another thing is that the drinks were "self service" at a station. Also, the waitress had an electronic pad and typed in your order at the touch of a button. That order is sent to the big screen in the kitchen. My host mother said that all of these things I mentioned are standard in Japanese restarants. Yurina ordered grilled chicken, Okasan ordered a spicy chicken dish, I ordered a tempura dish, and Erika got a hamburger. Wait... but you're thinking that I said it was Japanese food! Haha, got you there. The "hamburger" as it was called, was a patty of meat served with sauce over rice with Japanese veggies. Different. At the drink station I first tried "White Water"... bad choice. It was a white beverage that was twice as sweet as Calpis! Same type of drink, different brand. I have no idea why Japanese companies call that stuff water! The meals were served in a very Japanese way, small portions, but many small plates of sides. Rice, salad, miso soup, veggies, sauce, and then your main course. It was neat. The pics are of the electronic device used by the waitress, and then the drink bar. There was Pepsi and Mountain Dew, but the rest were unique Japanese drinks. White Water, Citrus Pop, Melon Pop, and Lemon pop. Of course there was tea availiable in several styles and flavors also.

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