Thursday, July 06, 2006


Jhon is the Kai family's pet dog. He is a black Lab. In Japan (especially the big cities), not many families have pets. Saga, on the other hand, surprised me with many families having pet dogs. Big dogs, too! The most common of what I have seen are the native Japanese Shiba Inu breed. Jhon is trained to sit, stay, jump, beg, and do other obedience tricks, which are commonplace, I know, but I guess I have never taken into consideration speaking to a dog in a language other than English. How naiive of me! It is odd to listen to dog training in Japanese! We play with Jhon by giving him the dog treats I brought as a gift for him from America (haha, when I said gifts for the WHOLE family, I meant it!). We balance the treats on his feet, order him to wait... wait... he is drooling now... wait... HAI! and he happily eats his reward and runs in circles. The other day my host father and I gave Jhon a bath. We didn't stay in our yard though. The river down the street was more spacious! Jhon was a happy camper that day.


Anonymous said...

man, i can't believe brazil lost!! i was sooo bummed!!!
anyways.... i was just wondering when do u get here... i know u'r having a killer time there, but u know, out of curiosity... lol
my brazilian friend is around! maybe u'll get to meet her! :D
i'll ttyl
Carolinne Ogura

Michael McVey said...

Chris, when I met my wife in Saga-ken in 1991 (she was from Iowa) we left with a little dog we called Peppy. They don't mind if you leave the country with dogs but it is harder to bring them in. Ive been enjoying your blog and it brings back tons of memories.