Tuesday, July 04, 2006

ice cream cake

We went to Baskin Robbins (or "31" as they call it here in Japan) to pick up an ice cream cake, which Erika loves, for her birthday. Like I said before, it is exactly the same as America, except for just a few special flavors ( like matcha {green tea}, azuki {sweet bean}, and musk mellon sorbet {I dont quite know, haha}). It is also very expensive! The scoops are about half the size of America, unless you pay quite a bit extra for the large, which is our familiar size scoop. The first picture shows a variety set of flavors you can purchase. The columns are for 6 scoop or 12 scoop, and the rows are for regular or large. The prices are all almost double compared to what it would be in America! (Yen is rather easy to convert - 1 penny is roughly one yen. 1 dollar is about 110 yen right now.) As for ice cream cakes, we picked out a chocolate ice cream cake with nuts for Erika. The cake in the picture is different than the cake on display. It was very small (probably the size of a coffee dish) and was 26 dollars!!! If you want a cake to feed a small party, like us, prepare for a nice bill of 40-50 dollars! And you aren't getting "American" portion sizes either! Regardless, it is still delicious!

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