Sunday, July 16, 2006


After our trip to the shrine down the street, I got a big surprise. My host father was going to take us to Fukuoka for the afternoon! In case you don't know, Fukuoka is the 8th largest city in Japan, and it is the largest city on the Island of Kyushuu! It is huge! I was so excited! This would be the first time I would be visiting a major city in Japan! We came back home, changed, went to pick up Yurina from band school, and we were off! I didn't realize this until Otosan metioned it, but this was the first time I was on the highway in Japan. It is very expensive, with many toll booths. The travel time was about 40 minutes. Just driving past the city on the highway made it look massive! The first place we stopped was the Fukuoka Yahoo Dome, home of the Fukuoka Hawks pro baseball team. There was a game today, so it was crowded (baseball is a very big deal in Japan), but the dome's other facilities were still open to the public. It is called Hawk Town, and it is big. This baseball park has a mall in it, a movie theater, a grand hotel, and many restaurants. We obviously couldn't go into the park itself, but there was still so much to do inside the dome! Also the dome opens up to clear skies! Amazing. The pictures show the front of HawkTown, the Fukuoka Yahoo Japan Dome. The second shows the crazy traffic in the city (I can't imagine what Tokyo is like!). If you look closely at the street signs, it says Fukuoka 2016. Right now, Fukuoka is campaining to be the host of the 2016 olympics. I thought that was neat. The next photo is the other side of the massive sports complex with the mall and the grand hotel, and finally me supporting the hawks, haha. I needed to put some humor into this site... at least it got my host sisters to laugh!

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