Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Flower Arangement

When Erika got home from school, one of the Kai's family friends came over to help us make some flower arrangements for Erika's birthday. Traditional Japanese flower arrangement is called ikebana, but I was told that what we were making wasn't too traditional, since it was in a European style. First we started with these green sponges to stick the flowers in. We cut up the branches and layed them all out. You don't just stick anything wherever you like. You are supposed to have a form of symmetry and color balance in your arrangement. This is where it gets tricky. There is a strong element of things being "visually pleasing and aethstetic" in Japanese culture. Erika and Mrs. Yukari's turned out very nice. Mine was laughable because it looked more like a jungle, haha. I really enjoyed making them. Afterwords we displayed them in the house and had tea. Erika pulled out the Jelly Belly beans and other American candy to share with Mrs. Yukari. So far, all of the guests visiting the Kai's house have loved the Jelly Belly beans. They get a kick out of the popcorn one, and always challenge themselves with the black licorice flavor, which everyone has hated, haha. I also like how everyone who samples the nerds candy eats them piece by piece... and nerds are so tiny! They are amazed that there is a Wonka brand! They always say, "like the movie!". The pictures are of the first steps of our European styled ikebana!

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