Tuesday, July 04, 2006


After dinner, we pulled out the desserts to give to Erika. She really liked the sweet sixteen brownies! Everyone tried them. The first thing my host mom said was, "AMAII!" (Sweet!). She must have still liked them though, since she later grabbed a second ;). I then ran to my room to grab Erika her birthday present and card that I wrapped earlier during the day. I gave Erika some Polish candy (a change of pace, since everything so far has been American) and a personalized sweet 16 frame that I bought from the Things Remembered store back in the states. Her reaction was saying, "SUGOI!" (Amazing!). She really liked it. When she read the birthday card, I explained to them what a sweet 16 is and how it is a big birthday for girls in America. Later, we pulled out the ice cream cake, which was delicious! Chocolate, caramel and nuts! The pictures are of me and my host sisters around the sweet sixteen brownies, and the second is the ice cream cake! It was a very nice evening, and I hope Erika had a great sweet 16!

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The Mero family said...

Hey Chris!
Happy 4th of July!! It sure looks like you are having a great time there, I always enjoy reading about your days! I can't believe all the stuff in your pictures that I remember you packing!!! The birthday candles! Ha, glad you are having a wonderful time, and plan on a career as a journalist--it is your calling.

See you soon-the meros