Sunday, July 16, 2006

Child Care - Day 2

Friday continued the Ryukoku internship projects, and I returned to Shokuba Taiken with Erika and here friend, Misato, to help out with the childcare. The day had the same schedule, except the kids had swim time instead of pompom dance today. Aside from the actual activity, the only real difference I noticed was during clothes changing time; instead of underwear-bearing kids playing tag while being bored... it was just naked kids, haha. It is amazing that when you work with toddlers, you don't need a teacher or instructor to tell you what to help the kids with. The toddlers ask you themselves. I got many "shensheiii" calls, and tugs on my pants to assist them all the time. I was so surprised that I was immediately accepted amongst the kids as a real sensei to them. During the free time and nursery time after class, I got to play with the kids again. I believe that I know the songs "Bingo (the dog)" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" forwards and backwards by now. The kids love it, along with many other English song requests. They would demand, "MO HITOTSU!" ("ONE MORE TIME!") - I loved it. Later on, at the end of class during "sayonara" songs, I was treated to the "Bingo (the dog)" song in Japanese. As the kids left, I received many hugs and lots of games of JanKen (Japanese Rock-Paper-Scissors), which they love to play. They all asked if I was coming tomorrow, and the teacher had to explain that tomorrow is Saturday.... They truly were a lot of fun, and a great part of my visit to Japan. After the whole day was over, Erika, Misato, and I went next door to a bakery. This also happened to be an establishment where a classmate was completing their internship (which I thought sounded so cool). The bakeries name was KusuKusu (which, like the restaurant Ufufu, means to chuckle/giggle). We purchased some fresh pastries and finished off a great week with a sweet snack.

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