Sunday, July 16, 2006

Canal City

After Hawk "Town", ironically we went to Canal "City", which is a mall in Fukuoka. Forget making a dent in Fukuoka! In one afternoon we barely made a dent in this mall! It was MASSIVE! 5 floors. It was packed with people and shops. Some areas were so clustered, you didn't even know where one store ended and another started. There was so much crammed into the mall, and it was big to begin with! There were tons of large department stores, small shops, kiosks, restaraunts, and food courts. There were many clothing stores of American brands, along with pricey European ones mixed in with tons of Japanese fashion brands. Besides all of the clothing stores, the mall was known for a large Sanrio store (Hello Kitty), a huge arcade "club Sega", The Pokemon Center Fukuoka (Yes, pokemon is still HUGE in Japan!), The Ramen Stadium (more about that in the next post!), and a movie theater! Probably the coolest thing about the mall is what it was most likely named after. The mall has a man-made river running between the buildings! There were many fountains and water-works shows, along with terrace restaurants and stores overlooking the river. It is beautiful! The mall was so big, I barely got to walk everywhere, let alone visit all of the shops and attractions. Since the mall was part of a big city, of course it had shops and restaurants at astronomical prices, but the mall seemed to be a cool place to hang out. I seen many Fukuoka students in their uniforms hanging out there after their Saturday classes. One thing that my host sisters liked was the Starbucks there. Saga does not have a Starbucks. We bought some Frapaccinos and enjoyed them before we returned home for the night. It was an awesome day. Definitely one of the top highlights of my summer so far! I think I would want to return to Japan just to visit this mall once more! The pictures are of the outside of this huge mall complex, and the other two are of the mall's canal with water fountains, and terraces along the sides!

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Verity said...

Hos cool would it be to be in Japan!! I wish I was there!!