Friday, July 28, 2006

An afternoon with my host dad

Even though my host dad may have tediously long working hours, I have had many opportunities to spend time with him, and they have been great. Today he actually had a day off from work. This would be the first time it would be just me and him to hang out together for the afternoon, so I was excited. We ran some errands, and before we knew it, it was lunch time. My host father loves his sushi (as do I), and today he found out about a good lunch special at one of his favorite sushi restaurants. For as much as I am crazy about those kaiten sushi (conveyor belt) places, I have found out that they are more economical and almost "family style" in terms of quality (still better than anything you could find in America... or at least Michigan for that matter). You have to go elsewhere for the apparently "real" stuff. I have only had sushi relatively seldom, so I am by far not a connoisseur, but I went with it. We went to a very traditionally decorated sushi bar specializing in Osaka style sushi (The best translation I could make out was that it deals with the education of the chefs). Of course we were first served our warm towelettes for our hands, and then green tea. The sushi came soon after. It was plated so beautifully and artistically. It definitely lived up to its growing fame as being a "sophisticated" meal. It was very good. So fresh, that the pieces just melted apart in your mouth. Along with the sushi were steamed vegetables, a salad, and some miso soup. My host dad also wanted to treat me to some traditional Japanese desserts, so we ordered some azuki bean treats. This classic, traditional sweet was served like a soup. It was very sweet, with mochi and melon in the bowl. It was very good. The outing today was filled with many great grammatically incorrect conversations, and along with the delicious lunch, it was nothing less than a great day!

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Anonymous said...

It is the street. You seem to have understood the tradition of Japan. To eat the sushi, I think should feel the OMOTENASHI (service).