Sunday, June 25, 2006

Yurie's birthday.

When I got back home Erika had a friend over, Yurie. They were studying for awhile, and then were going to celebrate Yurie's birthday (otanjobi), which is today. We gave her gifts, and Erika made a cake. It was very fun. We played some Jenga, and also sampled Jelly Belly beans. They LOVE them. The whole family does. The girls laugh at the black licorice flavor. Japanese people hate it. They joke around and call the black jelly beans "challenge" because it is like a dare. Otherwise, Jelly Bellies are a blast. The cake Erika made was delicious. It was matcha... green tea... lol... it is EVERYWHERE in Japan. It also had traditional Japanese cherries, sakuranbo, on it. It was very good. I hope Yurie had a nice time while she visited the Kai house for her birthday. It was very fun. The first pic is of our intense game of Jenga (Yurina is next to me), and the second is Yurie with her delicious birthday cake!

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