Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tada! Its free!

Ok, the title of this post isn't "TADA!" like the magic tricks; it literally means free! Tada is the Japanese word for free stuff, and you can find it in many places. While riding our bikes to school, Erika and I pass many businessmen standing outside their buildings or on street corners handing out pamphlets and free goods to advertise their business. The most common things are tissue packets. They are like the little travel size kleenex ones, but with maybe only 7 tissues. I think it is a great idea. Hey, just about everyone likes free stuff. I also came across one group giving out Asian style paper fans! I was thrilled by that one. It was a cheapy, but probably would cost me at least a buck at any store! The goods are decorated with the company's logo or coupons with deals. I think it is clever advertising. I am starting a little collection. I have two tissue packs. One advertising a cell phone company, and one for something dealing with percents (insurance maybe? Japanese is hard, haha.) The fan I received was for an apartment complex. I will repost if I find any new things. Abracadabra... TADA... this post is done! [ok that was lame ]

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The Mero family said...

Hey Chris--Oh dear!! I think you are listening to Mr. Mero a little bit too much!!! "Cheap is good, but free is better!! Ha ha, really enjoying your blog, miss you guys back here in Troy--but know that you will be home safe soon, with good memories! We are a little lonely without you guys, but remember have fun--we will still be here whenb you get home>

Love the mero's -one