Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday at the electronics store

Today was supposed to be a community golf outing, "grand golf" mini golf, but it rained a lot and the event was cancelled. So the Sunday turned into a relaxing one. My otosan had to go to the electronics store, so I went with him. The electronics store was very big, just like I would imagine in Japan. Some of the stuff was very expensive like DVDs and computers, but other stuff was rather inexpensive, such as music mp3s which were around 70. The store was very cool, and was like any American electronics store, just a lot of new stuff! The two pics are of the video game demo booths, and the other is mini dictionaries, which seems to be a must have for Japanese high school students learning advanced Japanese and English. The video game demos actually had lines of people! The DS one had 10 people just waiting to try Mario! Wild. The ages ranged from kids to even older adults. Video games don't seem to be limited to age or sex in Japan, that is cool.

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