Saturday, June 24, 2006

Second day of school

I woke up at 5:45 again and had breakfast with my host father. He usually works very late, so unless I stay up late, breakfast is our only time to talk. His English is very limited, but he is so funny! I really like talking with him. He is very happy to host me. We drove to school today by car because it was raining. Hahah, on the news this morning chance of rain was 90-100 percent for the whole day! The first period of class was English vocabulary. It was fun helping some of my classmates study. Second period was home care. We walked to another classroom where there were items that all had to do with sewing. It was neat. The girls really enjoyed the class and like the big sewing machines. The boys on the other hand, didn't do much, lol, as you can see by the picture. I think as far as they got was cutting the cloth for their projects, lol. It was a really fun class. The pictures are of the girls' table and one of the boys' tables. There are a lot more boys in my class than girls. It is funny because the boys and girls talk a lot with each other, but never sit with each other, even at lunch.

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