Sunday, June 25, 2006

Party Time

Later that night some of the Kai's relatives came over. Mr. Kai's sister and her family came by for a nice dinner. They have two kids. One Yurina's age, a girl, and a boy 16, Takuji. He is actually in my class at school. The evening was very nice. I showed them all pictures of my family and friends in America, and had very nice conversations. My host dad is hillarious. He likes to call himself a comedian, haha. Even though he barely speaks English, he is a lot of fun. Dinner was a feast. We had large platters of sushi, some vegetables, and tonkatsu, (pork cutlet). It was delicious. I gave the visiting family a Michigan gift, and the evening turned out to be very, very nice. The sushi was great. Sunday turned out to be a very relaxing, delicious day. The first pic is of the delicious food, and the second is of otousan, ojichan, otousans sister and her husband.

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