Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Narita Hilton part 1

When we all arrived at the Narita Hilton, we unloaded our luggage, received our key cards, and also got an obento (lunch box). Pretty much we had hours to explore the hotel, we just couldn't leave it. (Before we found out we couldn't leave, one kid was going to rent a cab to go see Tokyo, hahahaha.) I went to my room, which was decent size, and got situated. My roomate and I couldn't figure out how to get the lights on though! We tried everything for 15 minutes and were worried that our room lost power. We ended up discovering that you had to put your card key into a slot to have power in your room. The reason why is pure Japanese genius. It prevents you from wasting power when you are not in the room. You have to remove your card when you leave so that you will have it to reopen your room door. I just thought it was neat. This is the card slot thing. Also, the TVs in the rooms are LCD screens and look like computers! Japanese TV is crazy. The commercials are the most entertaining. I didnt watch TV for long because I ventured throughout the hotel. It was very fancy. I visited the shops and the bakery, which were VERY cool, but also very expensive. (In the store there was ice cream in many different flavors... hagen daz mango, kiwi, blueberry, and green tea to name a few.) The bakery had many perfect looking pastries that seemed too nice to eat. I didn't get anything at either store because they were expensive.
The pictures are of the nice lobby, the fountain in the entrance, and the huge waterfall garden that was actually in the hotel!!!
At the hotel is where I became close to many YFU students. I met up with a group, and we talked about where we are from, etc. We walked around and talked with little kids we met playing games on their cell phones and practiced our Japanese with them! lol. There are all different levels of Japanese speaking students in our YFU group. I have met two that are fluent, some like me who understand the basics, and MANY who have no idea what is going on. They pretty much know konnichiwa and arigato. The great thing is we all were learning already just by being around each other. We were looking for something fun to do so we walked around. We found out there was a pool, but it cost 5 dollars to swim for a half hour, and 15 dollars for unlimited. Wow, we skipped that, lol. We ended up finding their karaoke rooms! It was actually afordable, it was 30 dollars for the group of 13. So roughly 3 dollars apiece with tax. We were all excited because we all wanted to try karaoke, but also save our cash for the rest of the summer. The karaoke was goofy, but awesome. It was a small room, a couch, and the karaoke TV. They brought us free cracker and chip trays and we had a blast.

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that's so tight! Out of all the hotels I've been to, I've never seen that type of light technology. The lobby looks really cool but it sucks that everythings expensive.