Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More pictures of the Saga Castle ruins...

The first was the entrance. The second is me outside the garden door. The third is a window. Notice how I am wearing socks. The museum had tatami flooring, so you had to take your shoes off outside and put them into a cubby hole!
The castle was used by Samurai (professional Japanese warriors who were members of the feudal military aristocracy), and was the living quarters of the daimyo, the highest ranking Samurai, who being a feudal lord of Japan, was also a large landowner. There were many rooms, some of which, including the guest room and the ikebana (flower arangement) room that I really enjoyed. Maybe I'll visit it again, since it is right behind Erika's school... well, I guess it is my school now, too!
Overall the castle was a lot of fun and very informational.


Anonymous said...

Chris, How exciting! I am so happy for you I know this will be a wonderful experience. I have enjoyed reading your blog it is very informative and entertaining.
I look forward to checking in with your Saga adventures! Have a great time.


Louise said...

ahh christopherrr

im so freakin happy for you :]

readin your blog and seeing the pictures got me excited. im glad your having an awesome time.

when you get back i expect you to be an "am-asian"[see how much i miss your weird humor?] cook.

cant wait to hear more from you.

carolinne ogura said...

OMG!!! i HATE YOU!!!!!!!
well, not really... lol
i thk the world is getting smaller every year... according to my ancestors (reads grandma) my great-great-great grandpa, who was a samurai, lived in Saga!! i'm not 100% sure, but i thk that's wut she said... and it would make sense, cause my last name comes from the little storage houses that small villages used to have in japan... lol
but anyways... thanks for the update on everything there... i so wished i could do the same thing... but i'd b soooo scared! specially cause i have the "asian eyes" and ppl could get me confused w/ a japanese person and start babling at
but i still wished i had the opportunity to go... i really wanted to c if i find more info about my ancestors in japan... after all, ogura is not such a weird name in japan... lol
anyways... sorry for the looooong post, i just got excited about the whole thing... and i havent talked to u in a while... lol
hope u enjoy ur time there!! and just a message to ur host family, tell them that brazil is gonna send the japanese soccer team home tomorrow!! (brazil plays japan fyi)
ok, i'm done, i promise!!
i'll ttyl... HAVE FUN!!!

Ashley Ro said...

HEy chris. I check your site everyday. I am missing you already. I love how informative you are. I will be commenting a lot lol. bye babe

chelsea schmidt said...

hey there chris!
I saw ur pics and everything looks really exciting. I am so happy for you. It looks like you are having a lot of fun. Japan seems like an awesome place. That is so cool. Are you having any sushi? Caroline is kicking me off of her computer now so i cant say much more but i will continue to check in. I hope you continue to have a good time.
thinking of you