Sunday, June 25, 2006

The land of the 20 dollar watermelon!

After the electronics store we went to the grocery store. It was raining hard so Yurina and I sprinted. I didn't realize that the tiles were slick, and woooo, slipped right on my butt... very embarassing. Im fine. The cool thing about the store is that the entrance has thin plastic bags for your umbrella. EVERYONE has an umbrella in Japan! The store was neat. We bought some stuff for lunch, somen noodles, which are served cold with sauce for a delicious meal on a hot day. We passed the fruit section which ended up being the surprise of the day. There were these big beautiful watermelons on a shelf. They were perfectly green and perfectly sphericle... here's the catch... 20 bucks. Standard price. Nothing cheaper, no added extras, just a watermelon, "suika" in Japanese. I was floored. Cantaloupes were 9 dollars apiece. My otosan bought a watermellon!!!! omg! I'll tell you later if it was worth 20 bucks.
In the picture, the sign in the background marked 1980 is for the watermelon. The 198 is for the slice!

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