Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I have arived in Saga!

My flight has reached Saga. This is the moment I have thought about so much over the past few days... meeting my host family at the gate. I walked out with my luggage and found my host mom, younger sister Yurina, and my YFU counselor of Japan. It was an awkward moment, but a very happy one. We chatted in the car. It seems like it is going to be a nice summer. The pics are of my host mom, sister, and me at the airport with my sign, us by a "good luck" statue at the airport, and a sign in the hill at the airport that says yokoso saga e, which means welcome to Saga!

We arrived at the house. There is definitely a convenience store attached to the house. It is very small, but it is there, lol. I'll get pictures later. I met my host grandfather. He runs the store. He has a slight loss of hearing. From talking with my host mom... its hard to translate... but his head isn't good anymore. I think he may have Alzheimer's. It is sad, but he seems to be a hard worker and full of life for an 86 year old! The house is old, but very traditional. I'll show pictures later. Finally, at night, my host dad and sister Erika arrived home. I had a nice dinner with them at home, and a good conversation. My host dad really doesn't speak English, so we communicate through the computer translater. Both of my sisters were very shy, but nice. I gave the family the gifts I brought, and showed them info about Troy. The night was short because I had to wake up early to visit the high school tomorrow. I am very excited!

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Jesse Bias said...

Hey Chris,
Glad to see you doing well and enjoying your host family! I got my blodg up and running and I'm working on getting some pictures on here and my journal up to date check it out! and leave some comment! I'm not sure if I gave this to you earlier but just in case my email is Anway がんばれ がんばれ!