Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Haneda Airport

From the hotel, we traveled by bus past the outskirts of Tokyo. It was very congested and we weren't even in the city! Still, it was so cool because we seen the tip of the Tokyo Disney Castle from the bus and some of the rides! We were all excited. It is neat seeing the contrast because Disney World in Florida has acres upon acres of open land around it, whereas Tokyo Disney was just smashed into Tokyo! Regardless of its size and positioning, Tokyo Disney still seems like a very neat place to go!
30 minutes later we arrived at Haneda airport to disperse towards our separate flights. I had many hours before my flight, so I was able to walk around. There were many shops selling fancy cakes and things and they had many samples ... oishii (delicious). It was fun. After a while, it ended up being one other kid and me for the rest of the day because our flights were late, but it was fun. I was amazed that there were smoking rooms. They were small glass "boxes" that people smoked in with ash trays, so as to stay away from the non-smokers. Sometimes they got very packed. I dont know if they have these in America. I have never seen them at least.
I also got to see the famous Pokemon jet! It's just a regular jet, but apparently it advertises Pokemon. Only in Japan, haha.

Haneda airport was very interesting. I am now anxious and quite nervous because my next flight will lead me to my host family in Saga.

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Anonymous said...

hey chris this is doi\minique and joey and joey wants to say "sweet pokemon plane lol that is sweet" i hope ur having a great time and im waiting for another update...5-22-06 it sound like ur having a great time in japan and joe says nice hotel and water ya lots hope ur having fun always dominique and joe :)