Monday, June 26, 2006

Free Time

The time in between classes is technically free time, since you don't have to move to another class like in America. I have made a few observations. Girls like to sit and talk; whereas, boys whip out their cell phones, ketai in Japanese, and crowd around to play cell phone video games. It is cool. School today was fun. Math..grr, Gym, Persocom, Lunch, English, and Chemistry..2nd grr, haha. Math and Science are very difficult when the instructions are all writen in CHINESE CHARACTERS! I'm getting through it though. English is always fun. My teacher however, thinks I know more Japanese than I really do. There was a long passage in English, and she was having kids translate it into Japanese. The turn came around to me, and well, she wanted me to do it... haha... it was very muzukashi (difficult). I have been using that word a lot, haha, along with wakarimasen (I don't understand)! I guess English class is muzukashi for everyone. The other kids had the same troubles, but it was the opposite, figuring out what the heck they are reading. We are all learning together. The pics are of the boys crowded around a cell phone game, and the other is one of three bike shelters at the school! Everyone rides bikes! I don't think I have ever seen so many bikes parked in one place before!

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