Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I arrived at the Detroit Metro Airport at 4:30am on Sunday with my parents, brother, aunt, uncle, and cousins. It was sad to leave, but everything happened very fast due to the airport being very hectic. Luckily, some very nice people were around past the gates in the airport to help me out, because I was definitely lost. I met the other 2 Michigan YFU students and we departed together. My flight to Chicago was extremely cramped, but it was only 45 minutes. While waiting for our flight to San Francisco I was able to get to know the other YFU students from MI. They are very nice (more about them later in another post). While flying to Cali, I tried reading my AP English book the "house on mango street" but kept falling asleep unintentionally, even with the book in my hands, lol. Finally we made it to California, and met the rest of the YFU students from all over America. There had to be at least 30 of us, each one with different backgrounds and scholarships. At least this flight to Japan had a "little" more space than the other two, but it was still cramped. (The two pics are of the cramped California flight, and then me reading next to my two YFU seating neighbors on the flight to Narita Airport in Japan.) The flight to Japan was a LONG! ten hours. I got a chance to meet my YFU seating neighbors, and find out which parts of the country they were from.
*** The rumors are all true! Airport food... is nothing better than cardboard! lol. The two meals on the plane were some "chicken" thing on rice with salad, and dinner was some "ravioli" with "sauce". On the plane there were movies on one big projector. I finished my first AP English summer reading book, and slept/talked the rest of the time. When we finally got close to Japan, all us kids started freaking out, and it is funny because all of us had language guidebooks out practicing with each other! When we were landing, we all counted down the seconds, and when the plane hit ground at Narita there was a huge cheer JAPAN!!! WOOOO!! It was really exciting. When we got off, we got our luggage and went through customs, and then we all come to find out that it was arranged for us to stay at a hotel! Wow! So we all got card keys ( covered by our scholarships! Japanese hotels are EXTREMELY expensive, and actually pay by the person and not by the room!) to stay in the Tokyo Narita Hilton.!!! ** Funny** When I went to the counter, I told the woman my name and she checked me off and gave me a ticket and said, "Heerutoon." I stared at her and said, "sorry, no, Saga." She said, "no Heerutoon," and pointed down the hall. There was a sign that said "Hilton" on it. Haha. Language barrier is gonna be funny this summer. Well that sums up the airport news. My next post will be on the exciting stay at the Narita Hilton! This picture is my first view of Japan (it is hard to see), filling me with anticipation, but feeling nostalgic.

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ten hours on a plane! I would probably kill myself, lol. But sweet, I'm glad you made friends I knew you would!

your insane, lol