Saturday, June 24, 2006


For the next two class periods, I was taken to join a different class for cooking! It was awesome. There is a classroom devoted just to cooking education. The dish of the day was Donburi, which I think its meaning might have some relation to the parent and child, since it contains egg and chicken. I'm not sure, in any case it is a "rice bowl dish" that is something like a sweetened or savory stew served over rice. The ingredients are set at the last minute with egg.

The girls spoke only a few words of English, hot, stop, go, etc., but it was still fun. My job was making the rice, cutting and washing veggies, and then cracking eggs. It was fun.

Me with some cooking students and the cooking sensei who is behind us.

Me eating the final product with my classmates.
ITADAKIMAS! (Let's eat!)

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Lorraine said...

Nice apron Chris. Was my favorite class in high school. Sounds like you are a celebrity in Saga. I know Grandpa is probably used to sleeping on the floor but it looked so uncomfortable. He is so cute. I am glad you are getting along so well with your host family. They sound wonderful. School days are long. Is there homework to do after a long day like that? I should hope not. Went to see the Tigers play St. Louis this evening, they won 10-6. Good game. Amy is coming home tomorrow for a few days. Can't wait to see her. We are all going out to celebrate my graduation from college (finally). Love you,
Aunt Lorraine