Monday, June 26, 2006


Ok, this post is pretty self explanatory... Calpis water. The Japanese pronounce it KA Ru Pi Su. I have no idea where they got the name, it isn't traditional Japanese. It is now a joke in the house because I was able to explain to my family why Americans think it is funny. Cow Piss. Ok, I said it, haha. It really isn't THAT bad. It tastes like flat Sprite soda. And it is white... and still called water. Whatever.

The pics are of the jumbo size Calpis we had durring the sushi dinner. I had ocha (cold tea), but also one glass of ... Calpis. It's growing on me. The second pic is the funny "engrish" on the bottle. Engrish is the term used online when Japanese advertising attempts to use clever English, but fail. You find it a lot. Well, I guess I will leave you on this post with our HAPPY Calpis bottle, haha.

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Gustavo said...

At first I was confused about the name, but then i realized what it sounded like and i cracked out laughing, nice one