Friday, June 23, 2006


The teacher that came to get me was the Caligraphy sensei. While Erika was taking her test, he was going to teach me the basics of caligraphy. He barely spoke English, but he still taught me a lot. We started by doing my name in the katakana alphabet. I quickly found that it is much harder than it seems. The japanese really scrutinize every stroke, angle, and brush swipe. Only after doing my name countless times did I begin to appreciate the artform of caligraphy. There is a delicate touch to getting the "perfect" strokes. By the way, the finished one next to me in the picture is the teacher's example. That is why it is so good! I got to bring home a copy of my good one for my host family. The other picture is of a very talented advanced caligraphy student. She is studying the "cursive" form of Japanese characters.

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